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Eccentrik Festival VI (2009) Band Submissions - "The Congregation of Medication" Phantom Frequency [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
"The Congregation of Medication" Phantom Frequency

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Eccentrik Festival VI (2009) Band Submissions [Mar. 19th, 2009|11:18 pm]
"The Congregation of Medication" Phantom Frequency


This comes @ you via the eccentrik_fest community.

Eccentrik Festival VI (2009) Band Submissions
Factors that influence to whom we make offers (in no particular order):

Genre – We try to balance Steampunk and Gothic with their sub-genres. Artists are sometimes selected who are not as "strong" as others, but they receive an offer simply because we need more artists of that particular genre.

Perceived Drawing Power – How much we feel that having a particular artist in our lineup will help festival attendance.

Artist's Performance History – If an artist is known to cancel shows frequently for any reason, they will not be considered to play at the Eccentrik Festival.

Stage Presence – Good stage presence is a major plus in our consideration.

Expense – The total expense needed to get that particular artist on stage, versus the other factors listed here.

Geographical Location – We try to make sure various cities and regions are represented at the festival.

How to submit:

Please send us an email to Bands @ eccentrikfestival.com providing the following details.

1) Artist Name
2) Website
3) Contact Name
4) Contact Phone
5) Contact E-mail
6) Number of live musicians
7) City, State/Province, Country the Band is based out of
8) Label affiliation (if any)
9) What genre best describes your style of music?

A CD may be required, so we will give you the mailing address once we receive your submission.

Eccentrik Festival Official site
Eccentrik Festival @ Myspace