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The "Phantom Frequency," every Monday night, early TUESDAY morning from 1-3am, features a clusterfuck variety of Alternative, Gothic, Industrial, Punk and other semi-dark yet occasionally amusing music and tuneage o' the night presented by our various Hosts. Currently hosted out of WCOM 103.5 FM-LP Carrboro/Chapel Hill NC or simulcast from our newest carrier WDSP FOX 101.9 FM Burlington NC.

CLICK ME TO GO TO WCOM'S WEBSITE FOR LIVE FEED 1-3am EVERY Monday Night/Early Tuesday morning


The "Phantom Frequency" is quickly becoming the umbrella for Late Night Alternative programming throughout the Triangle and BEYOND (One Step ...... )

The 'Frequency looks to expand awareness of alternative scenes (local and national), and music for those who are all to uncontent with what passes as "normal" radio, also the Rev. doesn't seem to have many other marketable job skills and tries to pass the time with this rather annoying, yet charming "hobby" of his...

Our Newest Presenter, the latest to be 'touched by the 'Frequency:

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Click to join The Phantom Frequency's Congregation of Medication

45 grave, absinthe, aleister crowley, amduscia, and one, anders manga, android lust, angels & agony, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, bauhaus, bella morte, big black, bigod 20, birthday massacre, bondage, boris karloff, brainclaw, burlesque, christian death, clan of xymox, cocteau twins, collinwood 13, colony 5, combichrist, concrete blonde, cop shoot cop, creature feature, cruxshadows, das ich, david bowie, david hasslehoff, dead can dance, delerium, depeche mode, deutschland, devision, diary of dreams, dr. steel, dreamside, dunkelwerk, ego likeness, einsturzende neaubauten, eisbrecher, elvis hitler, exploited, faces of death, fangoria, forensic sciences, front 242, frontline assembly, full moon entertainment, funker vogt, geiger, genitorturers, god lives underwater, gothminister, gruesome twosome, guiness, hanzel und gretyl, hate dept, haujobb, hellraiser, hocico, human drama, hunter s. thompson, iggy pop, in extremo, industrial, jane's addiction, jesus and mary chain, joy division, kidd video, killing joke, klinik, kmfdm, l'ame immortelle, lacuna coil, letzte instanz, leæther strip, lick'em sticks, london after midnight, lords of acid, lunascape, lycia, marie laveau, marquis de sade, massiv in mensch, max headroom, megaherz, mighty orbots, ministry, mission uk, mortiis, necromancy, necronmantix, new order, ohgr, pabst blue ribbon, paganism, panzer ag, parapsychology, pop rocks, pop will eat itself, project pitchfork, puppetmaster, pvc, rammstein, raumschmiere, reel to reel, rod serling, saturday supercade, scotch whiskey, shamanism, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, southern death cult, star trek, star wars, swans, switchblade symphony, tarot cards, the cramps, the cranes, the creatures, the cure, the electric hellfire club, the last dance, the pixies, the shroud, the smiths, the tear garden, thrill kill kult, tiamat, tones on tail, type o negative, vampire hunter d, vendemmian, vincent price, violent femmes, vnv nation, waterhouse, within temptation, wolfsheim, wumpscutt, x marks the pedwalk, zeromancer, zombie girl